The Annual Family Office Real Estate Investments

Thursday, November 16th, 2017
TASE- Tel Aviv Stock Exchange


DC Finance's Semi Annual Wealth Management& Family Office conference will join togethor an illustrious network of families and investors to explore one of the most influential investment sectors in the portfolios of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and Family Office (FO's) alike – real estate.

Real Estate allocations continue to trend as one of the most in demand topics for today’s investment discussions.  This translates to investment opportunities for eager FOs and HNWIs worldwide. CNBC recently reiterated that point by citing “Property has been a mainstay of high net worth investor portfolios for decades, as can be seen in the soaring prices in prime real estate in capitals around the globe…. real estate is still the wealthy investor’s go- to safe haven. Clients are still inquiring about real estate more than any other asset”-Jenny Cosgrave, September 2015).

DC Finance’s real estate and wealth management agenda, paired with a panel of distinguished keynote speakers, will guide attendees through a vast array of topics ranging from how to structure a deal to market updates and forecasts providing each participant with the opportunity to cultivate and refine his/her own investment strategies. 

Whether the real estate transaction is residential, commercial or industrial and whether its direct investment or through a PE, REIT or investment bank fund, DC Finance will cover all aspects of real estate investments.

Target Audience: HNWI

Number of expected attendees: 100-120

We are proud present our Semi-Annual Wealth Management Meeting that will take place on November 16th 2017  at TASE, Tel Aviv .

Following the success of our Annual Family Office & Wealth Management Conference ( and our last Semi Annual Meeting, we still witness a strong demand for unbiased and independent information about Wealth Management in Israel.

The Meeting examines in depth issues that challenge the Israeli high net worth individuals.

Entrance is allowed to HNWI family members only. Service providers or media representatives are not allowed and tickets are not available for purchase.

This is our only event in which sponsors are being given exclusivity in each of the following categories: Legal (International/Israeli), Legal and/or Accounting – Taxation, Private Banking, MFO, Trusts, and Insurance.

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