Ms. Raya Strauss / Co-President of Strauss Investment Company, and philanthropist

Ms. Raya Strauss photo

Raya Strauss Ben Dror was born in Nahariya to Dr. Richard and Hilda Strauss, founders of the Strauss Food Group. Together with her brother Michael, Raya ran the company for many years until she retired in 2005. Raya is now the co-President of Strauss Investments Ltd. along with her brother Michael and she devotes all of her time to social action in Israel.


In recent years Raya has focused mainly on preparing the ground for a quantum leap in the quality of life in the Western Galilee through developing and promoting unique regional assets such as the city of Acco, Keshet Eilon, the Kibbutz Dance Company, the Ghetto Fighters House Museum, the Western Galilee Hospital, and more. Raya, in conjunction with the Reut Institute, leads the Israel 15 Vision whose goal is to establish a regional model leading to a quantum leap which will ensure the future of the State of Israel.


In addition, Raya is an active participant in a variety of social organizations which focus on three main areas:


  1. Providing opportunities for at-risk children and teenagers
  2. Activities for promoting social responsibility and leadership in Israel
  3. Jewish unity 
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