About Us

DC Finance’s Global Family Office and High Net Worth Individual Community (www.dc-finance.com) builds an international network of high net worth individuals, family offices, and investors for mutual growth and support through first tier events worldwide.

Founded in 2003, DC Finance is a leading global network of family offices & high net worth individuals. Since its inception, DC have attracted the upper most echelon of high profile and high net worth individuals to our worldwide events, online and in person.

DC's in-person conferences and private dinners take place annually in the cities of NYC, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, London, Tel Aviv, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. DC's online Family Office sessions and conferences have become a must-attend events for investors looking at the best investment opportunities and for families seeking information in almost any field that affects their lives - from philanthropy to estate planning and from technology to co-investing and Arts.

With a current membership of 2,000 families around the world, DC's community represents a combined $500 billion of investing power. In Israel, tied in directly to the institutional investment community valued at over $1 trillion in investing power, DC Finance holds the largest conference in this space. 

The world's most powerful individuals and families lean on DC Finance to expand and strengthen their investing network, allowing us to align their interests with investments around the world.

Our ability to partner our members with worthy investments has turned us into a world-class matchmaker for companies deserving of capital injections, as well as the guidance from these proven individuals. We regularly arrange our members to participate in cutting-edge panel discussions with world-class and highly-recognized keynote speakers.

In the U.S., we hold eight events: New York City - our flagship East Coast Family Office & Wealth Management Conference (www.nyc-wealth.com) and The Semi Annual East Coast Family Office Conference; The New York High Tech & Innovation Family Office Meeting dedicated to technology investments for High Net Worth Individuals & Family Offices (www.tech-wealth.com) and The New York Real Estate Family Office Meeting (www.wealth-realestate.com).

Other U.S. events include The Texas Series of Family Office Conferences in Dallas (www.wealth-dallas.com) and Houston (www.houston-wealth.com); The Pre-Art Basel Florida Family Office Conference in South Beach which, followed by a series of luxury events for DC Finance’s guests, throughout the art week (www.wealth-florida.com) and The Chicago Family Office Conference (www.chicago-wealth.com).

One of DC Finance’s fastest growing markets is Canada, where we hold five events - The Toronto Family Office & Wealth Management Conference (www.canada-wealth.com), The Toronto Tech & Innovation Family Office Conference (www.techwealth-canada.com) and The Toronto Real Estate Family Office Conference (www.rewealth-canada.com). Other cities include Montreal (www.montreal-wealth.com) and Vancouver (www.vancouver-wealth.com).


For more information about our network, please visit us at www.dc-finance.com


Notable speakers include


Mr. Bob Diener, Founder Hotels.com, Mr. Mitchel Goldhar, Founder, SmartCenters,  Mr. Izzy Sharp, Founder, Four Seasond Hotels, Mr. Morton Meyerson, Chair, 2M Cpmpanies, Ms. Nancy Spielberg , Producer, Ms. Mitzi Purdue, 3rd Gen, The Sheraton Family & Perdue Chicken, Mr. Trammell Crow, Founder, EARTHX,  Ms. Jennifer Gilbert , Founder & Chairwoman, POPHOUSE, Mr. Barry Johnson, Executive Advisor to the Gilbert Family OfficeMr. Renaud Dutreil, Former Chairman of LVMH, Mr. Philip Levine, Mayor South Beach, Ms. Lisa Firestone Von Winterfeldt, Founder, Firestone von Winterfeldt Family Fund, Ms. Bryn Mars, Founder, Bryn Mars Consulting , Mr. Marco Lopez of the Carlos Slim Foundation, Mr. Ismael Cala, CNN en Español, Mr. Manny Medina, Founder of Terremark, Mr. Uri Levine, Co-Founder of Waze, Ms. Sarah Arison, President of Arison Arts Foundation,  Ms. Kay Koplovitz, Founder, USA Networks, Dr. Joanie BronfmanMr. Tal Kerret, President, Silverstein Properties, Serial High-Tech Entrepreneur Dr. Yossi VardiMr. David Sable, Global CEO, Y&R, Mr. Jimmy Maymann, CEO, The Huffington Post, Mr. David Rosen, Partner, Mr. Jack Rosen, Founder, Rosen Partners, The Pritzker Group, The Russo Brothers, Directors The Avengers and Captain America, Mr. Gaby Meron, Founder, Given Imaging, Mr. Sam Zell, Chairman, Equity Group, Ms. Raya Strauss Bendror, President and Co-Owner, Strauss Investment, Strauss Family, Ms. Catherine Pegard, President, Versailles Palace, Mr. Adam Singolda, Founder & CEO, Taboola, Mr. Tim Draper, Founder, Draper Venture Funds, Ms. Gina Miller, Founder, SMCDirect.com, SheMoney.com, Mr. Romero Britto, International Artist, Mr. Ofer Yardeni, Chairman & CEO of Stonehenge, Mr. Jack Rosen, Chief Executive, Rosen Partners, Mr. Tomas Pedro Regalado, Mayor of Miami, Lord Simon Isaacs, 4th Marquess of Reading, JNF, UK, Mr. Philip Levine, Mayor, South Beach, Miami, Mr. Erik Wachtmeister, Founder, Best of all Worlds, Mr. Jim Rado, Author, HAIR, Mr. Guy Schory, Head of New Ventures, eBay, Mr. Scott Black, Founder & President, Delphi Management, Mr. Michael Drexler, Senior Director, World Economic Forum, Ms. Sarah S. Hamilton, Founder & CEO, FOX, Mr. Jacob Salomon, President & CEO, Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Ms. Sharon Bush, Bush Family, Mr. Charles Rockefeller, Rockefeller Family, Mr. Jason Greenblat, CLO, Trump Organization, Ms. Alyssa Jaffe, The Pritzker Group, Mr. Gaby Meron, Founder, Given Imaging, Mr. Slava Rubin, Co-Founder, IndieGoGo, Mr. Yann Lecun, AI, Facebook, Mr. Danny Lange, Head of Machine Learning, UBER, Mr. Guruduth , S.Banavar, Chief Science Office, IBM, Mayor Francis Suarez, 33rd Mayor of Miami, Dr. Paul Hatchinson, Hutchinson Family Office, Mr. Dov Moran, Founder, Grove Ventures



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